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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Senior Bus Tour

5 Tips for having the best senior bus tour experience

Senior bus tours like the Bluebird Senior Tour at DC Trails make it easy for older adults to enjoy traveling, by providing comfortable transportation, and a highly accommodating staff. There are a few things however, that seniors can do to thoroughly enjoy their time on a bus tour and get the most out of the ticket price.

DC Trails is dedicated to providing the best service to accommodate travelers of all ages and levels of mobility, and they have provided five helpful tips for making the most out of a senior tour.

5 Tips for having the best senior bus tour experience

Consider included meals and snacks

Many senior tours offer passengers meals and snacks throughout the day. To make the most out of the tour cost, it is important to take advantage of all of these inclusions and not fill up on a big meal before getting on the bus. Many older adults also have dietary restrictions to consider, which should be communicated to the staff well before the tour date.

Wear comfortable clothes

For seniors who are not particularly mobile, it is important to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that provide enough support to get on and off the bus when necessary. Seniors who really struggle to stand for long periods of time may also want to consider bringing a cane or a walker.

Bring a camera

In this day and age, most of us use our smartphones to capture many of our photographs. Many older adults, however, do not own cell phones, which means it is important to pack a good camera to take pictures during the senior tour.

Go with a loved one

Many older adults suffer from a loss of hearing or eyesight, which can take away from the experience during a senior bus tour. Whether passengers decide to bring a friend, a family member or a significant other, seniors can greatly benefit from having someone to fill in any missed details during a tour.

Prepare to learn

The best part of a tour for many people is learning from a knowledgeable guide. To fully engage in this experience, it is best to research the tour destination prior to stepping on the bus and ask questions during the tour.

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